Sunday, March 01, 2009

Our dam

We went for a walk this morning along the beach in Victor and came back to find that cyclists that no one seemed to know much about had created havoc near our favorite coffee stop.
Then a photo of one of the stallions with his mare and a foal by him. Rather a nice foal.
Shows how dry it is.
Finally some photos of the dam we have just cleaned out and made a bit bigger. the water in the bottom has been pumped in from another dam, so far that is all we have in it and this is the dam we use for the dairy.
It will be good if when it does rain we get a nice gentle one so that the soil which is so powdery dry has a chance to absorb it as against it all running off.
I am making more fabric hearts,this time in a different stronger color, as well as finishing off a heap of stuff for the exhibition so nothing to show yet.
It seems to be so hard to find any time to settle and do stuff, the house needs cleaning and the hoses get constantly moved.

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Anonymous said...

I hope that you do get a good mild soak to replentish your dam.