Sunday, March 29, 2009


This delightful small town on the tip of an estuary was so much better value for money and the apartment we had was lovely, very Balinese. the view from our deck, Jill and John enjoying drinks,
the tropical garden in frontand me poking my finger into the jar the statue at the front gate was holding.
I could have stayed there for much longer even if Jill did get attacked by midges.
I am making a base for a small bag, so nothing much to show but I am still finishing my little book as well.
Horses fed, dogs fed, got a lot hotter today and John was off fishing, he has brought back fish as well so all is well with my woprld.


Karen said...

I love the last picture of you and the statue, a beautiful spot.

annie said...

I'd love to vacation, there, Penny. I always love your photos of water, and,especially, the picture of rain falling in the last post. I think if I could shoot some good pictures of rain falling here (when it DOES fall, I mean) I would blow them up and put them on the one bare wall left. Such a beautiful sight and it fills me full of hope. And I do hope it works like a lucky charm and brings you rain on your farm.