Friday, March 27, 2009

Start of a small pocket book

I have been doing Dale Rollerson's Ratty Tatty Papers, an on line course and in it we all went mad collecting paper table napkins. So I thought I would take a leaf out of Dale's book - no pun intended - and make a small book relating to my trip in Queensland. I couldnt believe how hard it was to get napkins that felt tropical Queensland.
so While I had a bit of time wandering shops I bought this particular one which only came in the small size so I had to cut it and make it fit. I found some really cheap pink felt in Crazy Clark's and got a bit of vliesofix, bonded it together and borrowed Jill's ancient sewing machine and machined over it. Ready to take with me in case I had time to do some sewing. So I made two pocket pages for my book, hand sewing around the edges. I know this looks more Morroccan but it did at least have palm trees and there are often quite Moorish looks to the tiles up there.
The hunt for more napkins was interesting and I did finally find a couple more that I think will do now that I am home.
Here I have no problems finding them but boy did I walk the streets looking for them in Queensland.


Genie said...

Lovely work

Karen said...

Very nice and a good idea because now you have a memory every time you use it.