Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sachiko Japemo

This fun little doll is designed by Rhonda McGinnity of Western Australia, she was such fun to do and I have another almost ready, she just needs her little kimono on.
It has been a trip to Adelaide day, lovely in the car which is air conditioned but not so lovely here as the house got hot and is now quite humid.
My mother was not terribly well today, well more confused than normal, I am now wondering what drugs she is on. Again!
We had to go to the accountant and drop stuff into the bank had a quick take away which we ate on a cliff top, a coffee when we collected the mail in Victor and where there was a lovely sea breeze and home where there was no breeze at all, the joys of living so close and yet so far from the sea.
I have a carpet of leaves under trees where they are shedding them and even the agapanthus leaves have been badly burnt, we wont get any apples although the trees in the orchard are laden, they all got burnt and this is the year we have had no parrots to eat them!.
I would desperately like to get on with both my catalogue killers and my ratty tatty papers on line classes but I just keep running out of time, perhaps tomorrow.
Gosh what a miserable post, its not all bad and at least as a friend says when she looks at herself in the mirror, I am still here!

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Doreen G said...

Lovely doll Penny.
I'm just about over Summer but I don't want winter to come either.