Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today we did portraits

Sorry I put these up in the wrong order, if you look on my other blog you will see others. Idid the second face first, trying to get shadows in with color. I did a girls face and then decided to try this fellow, not so happy with him, I do see things in angles, but I also wasnt sure how to put in his beard, he was a challenge and I made his jaw too long and narrow but we were doing these practice bits on an eighth of a sheet of paper so not much room to move. The colors are interesting and he probably needs more work but if I do then I make a mess of things so over all I was quite pleased.
I should be at beading tonight but John isnt home, I havent eaten yet and I have had a glass of red and am tired so I will do some beading quietly at home and watch Dr Who.

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bunks said...

I think they are both marvellous but like you like the second one better.