Monday, February 09, 2009

Painting class

I did this quick sketch as a mock up for a larger one, so bits are not finished but in some ways I like this one better than the other.
We had a wonderful week end and thank you to all who wished us well, we certainly ate and drank far too well and went to the art gallery to see the Hans Heysen exhibition, I felt why do I bother after seeing so many of his lovely watercolors, probably better known for his oils his watercolors were brilliant.
We also took the tram down to Glenelg and back which was fun, ate Chinese, Italian and Australian well I think that is what the Hilton's Brasserie calls it. Our room was great and we walked and slept and enjoyed ourselves.
The devastion of the bushfires in Victoria was really brought to us on the television news on Sunday morning and the death toll just keeps rising. An unheard of day, very high temperatures and gale force winds wrecked havoc.
It was emotionally draining seeing and hearing about it and worrying about my many friends in the pony world many of whom live in or near those areas. So far the ones I know about are ok, but for some it was a very close call.
Huge floods in the north of the country and fires down south. We are all now worried as there is more heat forcast for the end of the week, we are tinder dry too, no rain to speak of for 3 months and at least 2 more months perhaps 3 before we can expect rain.
And then the northern hemisphere has had snow and ice. What a world we live in.


Robin Mac said...

Your painting is worthwhile too Penny. So glad you had a wonderful time in Adelaide. Hard to settle to anything with the terrible news from Victoria. Cheers, Robin

bunks said...

Feel for you hearing the news about the fires in Victoria. Young friends are planning to return to north of Melbourne on Sunday, they will be devestated when they see it.