Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Easy beaded flowers

I was busy yesterday with Gaby and Mason who came out for part of the day and no photos taken, how silly but we had fun and Gaby went home with a bracelet she had made, only trouble is she has been bitten by the beading bug again so I now have to get her some supplies as she gave all the others to younger sister Celina.
I began making these easy flowers and I will see if I have time to finish them and make a beaded base to put them on.
Adelaide today and saw my mother who is very tired but on the whole seemed better and I seem to have won the battle of the underpants so that is one thing, but the battle of getting a loo she can get on and off with two things to hold on to is still to be won. Honestly at 96 you would think the powers that be would think of these things, and the carers are not listened to, stupid as they are the ones who know what people in their care want.
Still hot, still a long way to go before we have rain I think. We are having more trouble with water for stock as another dam has had to be cleaned to get to the pipe that was so choked with silt it wouldnt work, and finally the big dam is being cleaned out, that one ran out of water a week or so ago.

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bunks said...

The beaded flowers are just beautful. So nice that you can work together on projects and that she's interested.