Thursday, February 19, 2009

Images of Victor

I am feeling as if my week is catching up with me and I just want to sleep. We have had a cool change and that could be another reason, but horror of horrors there has been a fire to the south east of us, luckily the fire is not coming in our direction, in fact it is so cloudy I cant even see the smoke but apparently there are firefighters so with any luck they will get it out. I just hope we dont have a fire bug in our area as that is the second one in that direction.
I took these photos on Monday, was it only Monday! I seem to have been flat out all week and today thought it was Friday, but no I am a day out.
We are getting ready for our Mix It Up exhibition over Easter and so we had a meeting today to get the invitations organised, that is my job so I hope I dont make a mess of it.
John had a rather large piece cut out of his back yesterday as the mole they cut out last week was a nasty, so they have had to take more, and there are now a couple of others they think look a bit suspect. I hope all is ok, it has given me rather a fright.

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bunks said...

I hope everything checks out and that John is fine Penny. Take care and I hope the fire is put out soon.