Sunday, February 15, 2009

Buildings, birds and charms

I have cleaned the house so feel very virtuous, loads of washing is waiting to be ironed, tomorrow?
The first two were taken when I was in Adelaide on Friday, not sure what the building is it was and may still be the contemporary art society building but it is a long time since I have actually looked to see what it is. I just liked the way it was framed by trees when I sat behind the War Memorial. The bird, well i thought cities were full of horrible pigeons and here is a native top knot pigeon scuttling around my feet looking for scraps of something. We have them here but they fly off the minute you approach. They are really lovely birds with a lot of warm colour in their feathers, I nearly wrote foliage!
Then these are a few of the 44 fabric charms I have been making, when I took the photo I thought there was one different one missing and there is, I made about 4 or possibly 5 different ones from various backgrounds I had, some I used the embellisher and the red star one and the blue green one I used paper napkins bonded to felt. I think it took me longer to make the little tags and write on them and put them on the charms than to actually make the charms themselves. I am now a mite worried that they may be a bit too big. Well I am not making them again and they go off tomorrow.

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