Saturday, June 16, 2007

Textile Madness

Sorry about the flash in this photo. I have just got my Module 4 stuff back from Dale and her Playways on the net and in it was my vessel which I just love, all done with textiles. As it was in toning colours with my little casket and the tyvek flowers I have been making, here is my small textile display. the flowers were in Stitch magazine and the first one was the size in the pattern which I thought was rather huge so I made a smaller one and popped them in my "vase".
I know the little pink box doesnt quite go but well what the heck.
I dont think that these are favorite colours especially either, they just happend that way.
Still cold but now overcast so feels even colder, it has been about 10 degrees by the back door for days.
John has gone fishing, he did suggest I went with him and took the car but as I am broke and the area he was going has too many tempting shops I didnt go. Not much fun on your own anyway. Today it was much more fun playing at home with the fire going.

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