Monday, June 04, 2007

Burning and distressing

This is another page for my fabric book of things done at Grumpy week ends. I painted some nappyliners, shiva sticked over the top, sewed onto some organza and then got to it with the heat gun.
I then stitched it to a page background and hand stitched in a few places. doesnt show up all that well on the scan.
We have now had so much rain I think a few days of sun would be good. Gutters have overflowed it was so heavy at times, and of course the decidous trees are still dropping their leaves so poor John got soaked trying to stop the flood over the back door.
I am working on a fabric box, A nice way to stay inside.
I have an awful mess on the floor trying to find the right fabrics, I think another large plastic container needs to come home.

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Doreen G said...

This looks good Penny.