Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Another Fabric page

It has got so cold and wintry, almost like a normal, if there is such a thing, winter.
I have been inside in the warmth as my arthriticky knees really let me know when I go out for too long, although walks are still being done. I think the dogs would disown me if I didnt.
Any way I have been having a lovely time playing and this was another of the things that I finished, began sometime last year and finished yesterday.
I am also in the midst of making a small fabric casket, from Janet Edmonds book, I have had the book for over 3 years and I am finally doing something from it. The first little 5 sided box but I love the look of the house box so that maybe my next project. I also have her second book and love what she does.So with that and finally doing something about cleaning the house I am pooped.
John has a meeting tonight so I dont think I am going to beading, probably just as well as I go to Adelaide tomorrow.

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