Friday, June 22, 2007

Small bag

This doesnt seem to have photographed very well but this is my almost finished small bag that I did from the Angie Hughes article in Stitch magazine. I dont think I was thinking very well when I went to do it the other day as I couldnt work out from her description how the lining was done, so yesterday while I was over with Wendy we sat and sorted it out, Wendy of course being younger and cleverer than me had no problems with it. Any way apart from getting a cord done and eyeletes in it is finished and I really liked it. It is made form black cotton velvet with sweets wrappers adhered and a rather nice bronzy coloured crystal organza over the top. I bought the eyelets today while I was in Victor Shopping.
I have had a busy few days so no blogging, my mother was very pleased with the rug I knitted for her and took up and we had a lovely chat although she kept forgetting that she had seen the paintings I hade done and taken up to show her.Still cold and it has been damp and mizzly but today we have had some sun.
I must manage a walk today as I seem to have done nothing but eat the wrong food and when it is time to walk its been raining and I have been over tired, two days away from home this week was some sort of record. I actually scored the car!!

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