Thursday, June 14, 2007

Across the valley

I took this while walking, if you look very hard you will see a flock of white birds in the middle, this is one of the many flocks of white corellas that have invaded the valley and are creating mayhem, they dig up the paddocks, pull leaves and branches off trees and where we feed rain out to calves and cattle settle in flocks of up to 3 or 400. John keeps trying to move them on with the shot gun but they just get more cunning.
I had a bit of the black dog on my back yesterday, the lack of a 2nd car means I am stuck here whether I want to be or not and at the moment J is never home, or so it seems. I will get over it.

1 comment:

Doreen G said...

Those birds are a nuisance aren't they.
Just look at that lush green countryside Penny it's a sight for sore eyes.