Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rivington Hyder

This is our Welsh Mountain stallion Rivington Hyder in his winter woollies and in his winter paddock.
I am still amazed at how green and lush everything is after our months of dryness. I am almost, but not quite, complaining of the wet and cold.
Having said that I am amazed at the empty dams that are still around in the area.
It has drizzled all day again today and when I did my morning walk this morning, when I took this photo I got quite wet, when I started out I thought it had cleared.
Hyder is now our senior stallion and has thrown us some lovely foals, he is typically Welsh compact and with a lovely outlook.


Sally Downie said...

Hi, I have one of Rivington Hyders Sons Rivington Christmas Pudding. It was lovely to see a photo of his Sire. Thank yoyzf

cassiewhite29 said...

hi sally do u still have pudding??