Sunday, June 24, 2007

gardening in pots

Yesterday was very cold and frosty, we went over to the Markets at Willunga and then on to a nursery for me to get some pansies and primroses and some winter lettuce seedlings. I put them all in pots so they will be above the reach of the peacocks and also hopefully into a bit more sun so they will grow for me. I have a couple of trees by the back entrance that I fill with pots in winter as they have no leaves on them and so it is sunnier.
A very quick sketch as we had friends coming over for dinner and I had to get myself organised as it was a spur of the moment invitation.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

When are you going to draw the peacocks Penny?
I haven't bought any seedlings but the ground is lovely and soft to dig up now.
I've been wondering what to do about the cold as the only gas heater we have is in the lounge room, just a bar heater near the computer. And Peceli is coming home tonight so he will find it so cold here after Fiji!