Saturday, June 09, 2007

My finished box

Here is the little box I have finally finished. took longer than I thought but I am really pleased with it mostly I used silk to make it.
We walked this morning and it was lovely, cool by the sea but no rain.
I have been busy trying to get a few more fabric things done, but I feel rather tired today, well I did get the soup stock done and a loaf of bread, some lemon flavoured chicken legs roasting in the oven for dinner, so I suppose that is a few things.
I really should have been in the garden but it is so cold.
The little box I am making out of the Quilting Arts magazine is not going the way I had hoped, we will see when I finally get it all together. I made up some material from panne velvet and nappy liners and shiva stick I had sitting waiting for me to do something with it, a bit of embellishing on the machine and some stitching and that was my top fabric. Trouble is that what I chose for the bottom fabric frayed badly, any way I found an old bottle of fray check and used that and have now painted the edges so we will see how it all works out.


Dy said...

I love the box you've made. Can I ask what you've used for the little legs?

kay susan said...

Love it - I knew it would look good when I saw the colours you used!