Friday, June 01, 2007

Fabric book page

I slowly make a few of these when I have time. I did this one while we were at Coffin Bay, and even John recognised it. One day they will be put all together. then another one will begin. I really like fusing fabric, and hand sewing it all together, I am not terribly good at free motion embroidery, cant see where I am going and make a mess and I think hand sewing is relaxing.
I didnt want too much on this piece to detract from th outlinse I saw everyday when I walked.
I have just walked the dogs, the big white cockies have unfortunatly found the calves feed and are in massive numbers, they make such a terrible noise and keep the calves from feeding, John has gone to get more shot to make nasty noises and move them on, he hopes. Then the heavens opened on me and I got soaked so I am back inside in clean dry clothes.
A morning of shopping for food, I did look at clothes but the pants that were on special didnt appeal and I couldnt find any nickers that are not hipsters, which these days I find uncomfortable. I spent time on the embellisher today trying out some of Dale's lovely ideas. More on that tomorrow I hope.
I have just finished my 12 months of walking on my other blog, but I am going to keep up with it but perhaps not post everyday as I found that rather nerve wracking at times. I will still be walking every day so we will see. Julie and Alison were such good walking partners and their sketches were wonderful, now Hashi is walking so I will keep on with her to the best of my ability.

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Tally said...

Dear Penny,
I just discovered your so very nice comment in my travel blog from half a year ago. Sorry, that I did not reply earlier and said a deserved thankyou for your explanation of how you made those beautiful blue dolls.
I'm not good operating blogs. Today I renewed my google accound because I registered in the Bead Journal Project. Maybe you are also in it, I have not checked yet.
I started my travel blog and reading textile blogs last year while I was on sick leave. That meant I had a lot of time for writing and reading and even more important: A free mind to let my creativity flow.
Normally I'm so occupied that I have time to admire other peoples work but don't get around hardly doing my own. That includes writing on blogs, daily journaling in my diary, photographing and crafting.

I could write more to you but that would be to much for a comment. Do you know if there is the possibility to find out about one's email-adress without making it public?

Have a nice weekend
Tally from Hamburg