Sunday, March 05, 2017

Wandering today

We drove over to Pt Willunga for morning tea this morning, called into an open inspection, interesting, not sure when if ever I have been to an open inspection. P's daughter was the agent, walked back and passed this lovely house that was once in John's family, not sure if it still is but I remember going there when we were first married. We drove home over Springmount, dirt roads and lots of trees. When we got home I thought I would go to find curled eucalyptus leaves, none to be found but this lovely old pony stallion I bred has come home from being in Victoria for a while, Nice to have him over the fence from the house. I also saw the three yearling fillies a bit far away but when they did decide to come were so in my face I couldnt get a photo, I think there are only two in this photo. I am having problems with my eyes and so not seeing terribly well. Any way it is quite nice and cool and it was lovely to manage a walk in the paddocks without falling over!

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Lovely. I have never been around horses at all. Why does everyone love a horse so much? I don't know but didn't we all want one when we were little. Guess I settled for dogs, lol.
xx, Carol