Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bit of this and that

My pea hen with one of her chicks, she still has four, a bright flower in the garden, a dreaded gazania but I enjoy them even if they do go a little wild. we walked this morning before the rain, lovely skies again over the sea and this photo I took of water over the reef, to me it almost looks like something taken from a plane. The Bluff and the Island were looking lovely. It has drizzled a bit all day but nothing to speak of in it. We planted a couple of trees today, I just hope the promised rain appears. I have been very frustrated as the three elephants that I have made for Lachlan to be a cot string, all ok except when I strung them together the middle one turned upside down. Very annoying but I think maybe I have worked out how to fix it. String them along a cord. I will see how that works out. Better look to our dinner and make sure nothing burns.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

More glorious pictures. I think I would be eager each day to take a walk and see the sights you see. But I settle for my frog pond. In about a month there will me millions of babies and if I am lucky, a few will survive!!
xx, Carol