Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Walking this morning

We walked along part of the bike/walking track this morning near the mouth of the Inman River. It was quite windy and this was a bit protected. Havent walked that way for ages. Loved the colours in the vegetation in the swale area behind the low sandhills and the sea. We went to look at the mouth of the river and as we suspected there was quite a sand bank there and no out flow to the sea. Although I would imagine some flows through the sand. I think it might take a reasonable storm to open it up again. We came home and this afternoon had quite a squally bit of rain in the front that came through. 4 mm which at least means no watering for a day or so and it is now quite cold. My body doesnt much like the changes like this whatever the scientists say. (they seem to think it has no affect on arthritic bodies, well I say it does.) It is rather nice to feel cold and not hot and muggy.

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Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I was thinking that the second picture would be a good guide for a landscape quilt. You have a wonderful area to walk in. I'm wondering how much time your daily walk lasts?
xx, Carol