Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Morning walk

We were in Adelaide yesterday, a long day as we started early for our hairdressing appointments and got caught up in traffic, a very slow trip across town, and then up to my friend P's house to set up for my sisters birthday lunch, it isnt her birthday until Thursday but as we were in town a good day to celebrate her 83 years. Lunch tasted pretty good too. Then on the way home I went to a big shopping centre to buy some make up, first the usual car park entry was closed, I know what I am doing from there, then we went up to an undercover park and I walked miles to find the mall entry and then finally got to where I was going and got terribly lost on the way back to find the car. John was in it and what I didnt know was that his phone wasnt working or I would have panicked even more. I did finally find him after walking my feet off.Home both of us a bit cross and tired, then to make dinner, well a pretty scratch meal. today I feel totally wiped out. Nice walk on the beach, the blue crane was looking for breakfast and what you cant see was him wriggling one foot and then suddenly, caught something. fascinating. Back home I had a huge wash up to do, my fault for not having time or inclination to do them yesterday. John had a meeting and, well perhaps a nana nap would be a good idea. I am feeling a bit old, warming up again too.

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