Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A tale of a camera and other things

Yesterday I rang one of the camera companies to see about repairs to my camera. Firstly I was told it was 8 years old, the cost to repair was probably not worth it, so I looked and looked and using my Qantas frequent flyers settled on a newer model. Akk ok. then John came out and said he had fixed my camera. I had done all the things he had done but to no avail, the magic fingers of a husband. So now I have a super dooper new one coming, and my old one. Not sure how I feel about this especially as the new camera probably has so many things on it I wont know how to use. Any way the photo at the top is of this mornings walk, another bit of a disaster as we walked quite happily for a while and a sudden surge came up the beach and my shoes were filled with water and I was wet to the knees. Not a happy chappie, a walk cut short as the shoes felt awful to walk in and the beach was wall to wall sea weed. Still its better than being in north Queensland with cyclone Debbie creating havoc. I am glad I do not have to cope with cyclones. I have been ding a bit of silly stitchery, have to do some 15x15 cm stuff for Ballarat, so they can raise money for something. Its a fun idea and we can get nice pieces of art for very little. The weather has changed, cool nights and pleasant days. All I need now is some rain.


Barry said...

Hi P - the camera story is just so murphy's law. Very sneaky surge of water - but grand to be able to be out walking. Go well. B

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Geez, I hate that you will have to learn a new camera. I am not that great with playing with new technology. My husband has a knack for fixing things. Mostly I don't even try I just turn it over to him. I like the old tried and true. I gave up my camera when I got a 1/2 way good phone then edit pictures on line. Sorry your walk was ruined and maybe your shoes?
xx, CCarol