Friday, October 28, 2016

Such lovely things in the garden

I would dearly love to grow these oncidiums, or dancing ladies as they are affectionately called but so far no luck, although John assures me he thinks there are some in the green house, but certainly hey are not flowering. Yesterday we drove up to Bina Burra on the mountain plateau behind the Gold Coast on the way up we saw a very large gonna walking across the road. We did a short rainforest walk, I took lots of photos but my camera is not talking to my tablet so I will have to wait until I get home for those. I saw several little brown birds and some potoroos (small wallabies) and a large shiny black skink. We had lunch in a very nice little cafe in Cunungra, all home made and quirky furnishing, it is really nice when you find somewhere good and unpretentious.I did a small shop for a couple of cheap tops and after an energetic morning yesterday, J is working this morning and we are relaxing. Not quite used to this warmer, humid weather, what a wimp!


Penny said...

Lovely sight -- especially to those of us who have yards full of fallen leaves!

Robin Mac said...

So glad you have been able to visit Binna Burra, a beautiful part of Queensland. I love looking at the dancing ladies when they are flowering, but I can't be bothered growing orchids unless I can strap them on a tree and forget them!