Tuesday, October 04, 2016

happy Birthday to me

Had to have the photo of Granny Crompton, or Granny Pen as the children would say, on my 77th birthday walk along the beach this morning. Yes the sun was shining for a brief moment or two but it started to team with rain as we headed back to the car and got soaked. The weather this year, another 36 mm over the last 2 days and the creek was even higher this morning, no photos as I think I am a bit photo'd out of flood waters. The sea near Kent Reserve was a horrid brown from the water coming out of the mouth of the Inman River but if you look hard, (click twice) you may see three little hooded plover on the beach in the last photo. To say this weather is difficult is not really making the point. Paddocks are saturated, water is lying every where,getting around means leaving tracks we dont want, if you can get around, the garden looks more like a bog. Local agricultural shows have had to be cancelled, which will make it difficult to qualify ponies for the big shows. Trying to re schedule shows is not easy as everything has been planned from year to year. Such a shame as I always love going to our local show. I really worry about how much of my garden plants will survive. Then suddenly we go from wet, and gale force winds to the weather bureau predicting 27 degrees on Thursday and possibly Friday, dont mind the warmth but would prefer about 23 degrees and no wind for a week, then some gentle showers.Our State has had a battering with no power all over the State, at least we are prepared for that, to floods coming and coming, poor vegetable farmers to the north of Adelaide losing huge amounts, vegetables prices will probably go through the roof. Not unprecedented, we have done this before, but well over 50 years ago, and not so many people which doesnt help matters. I made broccoli and brie soup yesterday, with cheese puffs, that is lunch and we are out to dinner tonight. I am happy, the tin man (lady) hasnt siezed up yet!


Suztats said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Penny! Hope your dinner out was delish. May the rains end and the sun shine.

Jo Murray said...

Despite all I hope your birthday dinner was a happy celebration Pen. Don't the years fly!