Thursday, October 13, 2016

Around the garden

It has been a busy week, I really dont want to complain of feeling tired all the time but... finally the sun has come out, although there is supposed to be more rain over the week end, the plants in the garden are begining to grow and I can see some losses. We had friends staying in the middle of the week, so lovely to catch up, they live in Western Australia and we never seem to get there and so we see each other rarely. Lots of catching up to do. I really do seem to find that I dont cope as well as I used to with cleaning the house, making beds and thinking of food for more than two, how pathetic. So no walks for a while and the next few days are full of appointments and other mundane things. I need to get out and start trying to weed. I have also started to embroider the baby blanket but that will take for ages to do. Sometimes I just want to curl up and read and not do anything else. What a cop out that would be.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I think we are all the same. As we age so it becomes harder to cater for more than just the usual number. But the meeting up with old friends makes it all worthwhile.

Penny said...

You are surrounded by color! Its wonderful!!