Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Busy few days

Phyllis funeral or rather her remembrance on Monday was lovely. She was 103 but had touched so many people in that long life. We were so glad we could come up as we have known her since our skiing days, nearly 50 years. A life well lived that perhaps went on a little too long. Yesterday we went by train to Brisbane, much easier than fighting the traffic and finding a park and saw some lovely exhibitions at the art gallery and the state library. The one at the library of the decorated possum skin cloaks was brilliant. I bought a book from a past exhibition of aboriginal textiles, on special and it is brilliant. I can't go past a gallery bookshop without buying something. This morning J has gone to work and we are resting, I was pleased I managed to last the last two busy days, three if you count getting up here. The weather so far is lovely, a far cry from a fire and layers of clothes. The jackeranda is out,palms wherever you look. Heaven.


Robin Mac said...

Glad you are enjoying your visit Penny. When someone dies at 103 you don't feel nearly as upset as you would over a death of a young person - and you have a wonderful opportunity to catch up with many old friends!
Lucky you having a chance to visit the galleries - and actually having trains running.
Enjoy the sun, the weather still looks horrible down south.

Hildred said...

A sweet and sad post, Penny. I am so ambivalent about dying at 100 or 103 - so much still to do but I guess it all depends on what health and energy you are able to carry forward into those latter years.

Penny said...

Hmmm a possum skin cloak? I've never heard of such a thing. In this area possums are not very highly regarded.

virginia said...

I remember her well, Pen. We visited her with Jill when we went to the Gold Coast about 15 or more years ago.
The garden looks beautiful. Autumn is coming here but it is still warmish.
Love to you both,