Monday, October 31, 2016


At last, yesterday was rather a marathon, our plane was late which meant the next connection in Melbourne was a panic, they were calling us, then a long, very windy but much needed walk to get the car and home after 7 pm. We had a sandwich and found the door on one deep freeze had unlatched slightly, all still cold but a lot of sorting to do this morning. Washing on the line, still windy but COLD!!I had actually found the temperatures up north a bit hot and we had been sleeping under a sheet. I was frozen with blankets on last night. Any way P's lovely rhododendron has flowered, I am still amazed it is still growing well. Have potted up a few bits from J and K's gardens, only things I know will grow. In for a small shop, things are a bit under control here. More on our trip tomorrow.


Penny said...

Beautiful "Rhodie". I'm glad your trip wen well.

Robin Mac said...

It has to warm up down there soon Penny. Glad you survived the trio home. Looking forward to seeing photos of your trip. Cheers