Thursday, October 20, 2016

Busy day

I can hardly move. We walked this morning, lovely before the nasty hot northerly got up. I have some of the family for dinner tomorrow night so I have cooked today, as well as tidy up. I made a smoked salmon impossible pie and a lasagna. I dont do this sort of cooking very often and all that standing has sent my back in to a spasm. I am not a happy chappy. There will be 9 for dinner tomorrow night. Then we are off at midday on Sunday to Queensland for the funeral. I am not ready for that either. I have to get my head around clothes for warmer weather, the suitcase is down but that is as far as I have got, maybe Saturday. I just hope I dont fall in a heap tomorrow, although only a green salad to do and a self saucing chocolate pudding because they love it and I can do it after I shop tomorrow and then re heat. Although a wizz around with a duster will be in order and with any luck John will do the vacuuming. I think we have become rather wimpy and old!!

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