Saturday, October 08, 2016

Finally a sunny day

Around the garden, after all the gloom and wind and rain it is lovely to have a sunny day, the dendrobium delicatum which lives under the cedar tree all year round is flowering, I think the rose is Constance spry, the crab apple is out and the pear trees in the orchard are flowering. the Geranium maderense are at their best now too. The only trouble is I need a few more dry days as the ground is still terribly soggy. John has gone fishing, I am afraid that they didnt get anything but at least it was a day out. I went to the market and came home and have been washing sheets, making beds as we have guests coming next week and dusting, and falling asleep in the sun!

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Penny said...

Beautiful!! We just got back from visiting the northern Nevada desert. Bunches of pictures coming up on my Monday posting.