Sunday, October 09, 2016

A busy Sunday

We went for a walk this morning with the wind blowing a gale and the sand on the beach sandblasting us, I tried to take a photo but was a bit scared I would get sand in the camera, this was a not very good photo taken with my body shielding the camera, it was pouring past us. It seemed to get worse so we went up onto the bike track and I took the 2nd photo of the sky over the for dunes. Only a short walk and it felt like hours battling that wind. Home and I made biscuits, then we went over to Glacier Rock cafe to have lunch with friends. Havent been there for ages and it was a nice lunch. Home and I finished this little knitted mouse, I just had to put it together and now that is another thing finished. The wind calmed down for a while and then started to rain as we headed for home and the wind has picked up again. John has lit a fire as it has suddenly gone from remarkably warm to cold. Not much for dinner tonight as we had such a good lunch, perhaps scrambled eggs will do. Tomorrow is another messy day, an early blood test and then up to Adelaide to see the solicitors at 2pm, not a good time and it will be tiring. I think somewhere in the middle I will be making a beef casserole as we have visitors staying the night on Tuesday. It is nice to be busy but I do wish we could have more days like Saturday.

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Penny said...

We had a lot of wind here yesterday -- so much that small branches were coming down. I did get my morning walk in and a really, really short one at the end of the day. I probably got more exercise than usual because I walked really fast to get the walk over as quickly as possible. *smile*