Sunday, July 03, 2016

Scrub wren and on the beach

George has been watching this little scrub wren who has been attacking his reflection in the kitchen window, using the step ladder as a perch. It has also been making a terrible mess of the mirrors on our cars in the garage, now all covered with bags to help stop the mess he is making. We walked along the beach this morning, loved that sky, it rained for most of the night but cleared and finally later this morning we had sun and the clothes on the line dried. You can see how much erosion there has been on the for dunes on the beach in the last few days with big seas pounding them. It is still not easy walking as the sand and sea weed keeps on moving and building up.I am trying to get some sewing done and need to sew up the rabbit, most of the knitting is done but I need some quiet time to concentrate. today I kept falling asleep!!

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