Saturday, July 23, 2016

Garden and a walk on the cliffs

Just odd photos from around the garden, I quite like the coloured leaf geranium against the base of the water tank and the camellia with its fiery red blooms against the sky. That was yesterday, today after another wild night of storms and wind and hail we walked along the cliffs with a rather chaotic sea below. Petrels Cove has lost sand again and there are a lot of rocks that were not there last week and I just love the way the water trickles over the rocks after a large wave. I have just spent time going through a zillion photos trying to find some of my daughter on the horses she rode in her teens, We have far too many albums as well as a heap of slides. No one will want to go through them when we depart this earth. Not getting a lot done!!


Suztats said...

The sea does look wild and turbulent. Nice captures on your photos.

Penny said...

I love your pictures. I always get a craving to see the sea again. One of my favorite flowers is the geranium -- it always seems humble, but beautiful.

Robin Mac said...

Lots of wild weather for you still - summer seems to have arrived already up here!
I know what you mean about the photos - I look at all our albums and digitally stored photos and wonder what will happen to them all - as well as all the stuff in the house! Ah well, we can enjoy them while we are here.