Saturday, July 09, 2016

Morning walks

Cockatoos in a dead tree, it was freezing cold this morning, a bit of clear sky and then it clouded over and has been miserable all day. We went over to Pt Elliot to walk as we had to pick up some parts for the motor bkie over in that direction,starlings on one of the granite rocks over by the steps and small plants that seem to survive by the path, the sea is on the other side so thay have to be pretty hardy. I have been struggling with my knitted bunnies dress, but at least it is warm by the fire, finally, it has taken a while to warm up, but freezing out here where the computer is.

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Barry said...

Hi P - sorry I have not joined you on your walks lately - will try to catch up with you more frequently. Loved the opening image - reminded me of my own morning walk. Go well. B