Saturday, July 02, 2016

More mushrooms and a bit wild on the coast

Election day today, goodness knows what the results will bring. I just hope some sense so we can keep the country moving. We stood in a very long queue and seemed to waste a lot of paper. We then had a walk on the cliffs, very wild and rainy and lots of froth and bubble. It has rained off and on all day, cold and miserable. I have finished another small mushroom to go with the other, now I would like them to stand and not lean on my bird houses, a few ideas, but not sure yet, I love them but really dont want them to dangle, I wondered about a nice rough piece of wood or a rock, but they are not quite as stable as I would like. Perhaps I will have a flash of brilliance tomorrow.


Suztats said...

I like those mushrooms, Penny! It was cool and rainy here, too.

Penny said...

I wonder if Ann Wood could give you some ideas. I'd like to make them also but would want them to stand. I wonder if a dowel could be placed inside and then put into a piece of wood or better yet a lovely branch and glued in place. Hmmmm!!