Monday, July 11, 2016

Awful day.

Gale force winds, trees down all over the place, bangs and rattles on the roof all night, odd small rain squalls, supposed to calm a bit and then come in again. I went to Hahndorf yesterday for a class on string making with the lovely India Flint and before I got out of the valley I was held up with a huge tree down over the road, was rather worried about going through the hills but luckily it wasnt as bad there. Gosh I feel old, most of the class were in their 40's I think, still I now know how to make string. I left early as I really didnt want to come home in the dark.( also I was tired!!)


Robin Mac said...

Gosh I hope your weather imptoves soon Penny, those isobars are so close together every night when I look at the weather map. I like the string you made.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I just hate days like that.

Penny said...

Oh dear!! I'm sorry the weather was so bad - its awful to have to drive under those circumstances. Time for tea and a good book - or a stitching project!