Saturday, July 16, 2016

A small rabbit and this mornings photos

I have finished this little felt rabbit and it is now in the box with all the other little felt animals I am making. I had friend P staying over night, one of the coldest we have so far had, a good frost this morning so a bit of a late start. John has gone fishing. We went our seperate ways into the farmers market, The lad there with his succulents and herbs was there, I cant keep away. I was good and only bought one. I came home via a new patchworks shop that has opened, lovely and in a nice house, I hope she does well. I couldnt come away empty handed so a $3 fat quarter cme home with me. I drove out to the Bluff and took a photo of a relatively calm sea after all the blustery weather we have had, and came home the back way, hoping. assuming, that any trees that may have come down over the road would have been cleared away, thank goodness they were. Love this view along the road across the valley. Even though the sun is shining parts of the house are not particularly warm so I will be back to the fire in a minute.


Suztats said...

Lovely photos, Penny. I am attracted to the trees, their shadows, the open fields with the water behind. Adorable bunny! I'm sure that basket would bring many happy smiles and hugs from little ones.

Robin Mac said...

Lovely little bunny to join with the others already there. I don't envy you your frosty mornings, though I used to love the winter when I was a young girl. Half a century in the tropics and arthritic joints have softened me up! Cheers