Friday, July 08, 2016

Mad rabbits and a walk on the farm

I have just finished another of Jill Maas's mad rabbits, fiddly but fun. I managed a walk up the hill behind the house this afternoon, John came with me and i needed my stick or I wouldnt have done it. A lovely afternoon, too good to be inside. I felt it was an achievement as walking on rough ground isnt easy any more. The last photo probably of the dairy herd, they are on the market and probably, we hope, will see a buyer on Monday. So another dairy hits the dirt, it is just not economic any more and we have sold off some land, not sure how we will manage but it was time. John was milking a few cows when we ere married 57 years ago, but then we mostly had sheep. Personally I prefer sheep, now I suppose we will have the ponies and a few beef cattle to keep us going, just hope the prices keep at a reasonable rate and we dont have an interfering government who says we cant have them, like what has happened to the greyhound industry in NSW. What a stupid unthought out decision that is. I am sick of populist parliamentarians.

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Michael said...

Sweden also have huge problems with farmers, esp. dairy,shutting down. Only huge "industrial" farms left. Not economical, but we, the consumers, pay dear for milk at the store. Strange and sad. Good luck! / Ingrid