Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rabbit finished and George

I have finally finished my little rabbits dress, made a mistake but I couldn't see to unpack so it will have to stay. George is snoozing on a chair by the fire. Today we have finally had a relatively calm day, but freezing cold, I had to go into Victor really early for a blood test and didn't warm up until after midday. Yesterday was a rather hair raising trip up to Adelaide, trees down all over the place, several pine trees which is a bit unusual and one right over the road just down from us. When we had lunch near O'Sullivans beach Marina, the sea was coming right the sea wall. Most impressive. Thank goodness the forcast for the next few days is for quite nice weather, I hope so.


Penny said...

Oh I dearly love this little girl!! All dressed in pink she's just darling. I hope your weather stays good -- at least long enough to get cleaned up from this last mess! Hate it when trees come down!

Robin Mac said...

I love your little rabbit and I can't see a mistake. Of course George has found the most comfortable place in the house to snooze! Glad your weather is improving - we are supposed to be getting gales and 100 - 200 ml rain in the next two days! Not usual for winter up here. Cheers

Suztats said...

Miss Bunny is adorable in her pink dress, with shoes to match! Hope the weather stays nice for you. Here it is very dry, and we're hoping for rain.