Saturday, April 09, 2016

Walking Pt Elliot

double click to enlarge the collage. I think this is becoming more of a photographic blog at the moment. But who wants to hear my woes, both health and economic? The weather has been lovely, quite a heavy fog this morning, and as I wanted to get some seedlings from the nursery we went over to the point at Pt Elliot and walked after I had shopped at the market. The light was really weird and there were great lumpy waves where I have never seen them before with this odd misty light. Two paddle boarders were out on the reef where the big rocks are, amazing how they managed to catch some of the waves. Too far away for my little camera to get much of a shot at them. Low tide and big waves and this incredible sky, wispy clouds over head and big cumulus all around. Quite warm and humid too. I love autumn. So glad we did this walk this morning although it tested out my knee.

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Robin Mac said...

Lovely photos as usual Penny. I am doing a big catch up on blogging as I found it quite difficult looking through a magnifier at my tablet while I was away. You obviously had a wonderful time in Ballarat. I think you must have lots of stamina to be able to do that drive all on your own.
I hope all your problems clear away soon so you can keep creating all your lovely bits and pieces. Cheers