Tuesday, April 19, 2016

todays walk and evening promrose

The first and last photos are of this mornings walk, over to Pt Elliot as we had to get parts for the motor bike from over that way, quite warm and lovely and this friendly magpie probably wanted a free hand out which it didnt get. Yesterday I finally got a couple of photos of the evening primroses that are lining the sprayed edges of the road. I think they were originally used as a feed plant but dont seem to like much competition and dont grow in the paddocks but look lovely lining the side of the road.It has certainly warmed up back to a t shirt and 3/4 pants today but the nights are cold. I had a visit yesterday from my sister and her son and family who were over from Perth, lovely to see them all. Today after a not good night I am sitting knitting my socks which are very slow going.

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Penny said...

Lovely bird - even if he is a beggar *smile*. Hope you feel better soon -- but in the meantime you should get a lot of knitting done.