Friday, April 15, 2016

Pea hen and chicks in the garden

No walk today as it was a shopping day. I have only 2 peachicks left out of the original 4, I am never sure what happens to them one minute they are all there and then some have gone. While I was taking their photo I had a quick look at what was flowering, a callistemon and some jonquils are out. I think these are rather out of season but then the weather has been cold, hot, cold, some rain etc. Autumn is always a bit unpredictable. I have been having a bit of fun trying my hand at mapping, not sure how it will go but the inked bit is all done, now to try some colour. I had to buy a new pen, it says it is waterproof so I hope it is I cant get my favorite one, well I can but I have had to buy a box full, hate to think how much that will cost me.I am back sewing a bit, not that my hands are being very co operative but it keeps me amused.


Anneliese said...

How extraordinary, jonquils in your autumn. Ours - in our spring - have withered already.

Penny said...

Your yard is lovely!!