Monday, April 11, 2016

Top of many colours and a walk

This is what I have been knitting for ages, just a couple of rectangles sewn together, leaving a hole for the head, sleeves and at the bottom to allow for a largish bum. Using up left over wool, but not a lot has gone, I thought it would use a lot more, on large needles. It is very warm and will be useful this winter to slip on I think. This mornings walk on the beach was aborted as it had drizzled for a lot of the night and we thought it was easing off, which it did for about 10 minutes and then came in again. There was a lot of sea weed on the beach too so we headed up a board walk to get to the bicycle/walking track and I took some photos of the vegetation on the sand dunes from the board walk and the shower coming in over wright Island and the Bluff. I was nearly run over by a couple of cyclists, I prefer walking the beach because they dont ring their bells and if they do I dont hear them. I am afraid I am not at all happy with the attitude of cyclists these days. Perhaps if they all had bells, lights for and aft wore light coloured clothes when on the road and their bikes were registered I would be a bit more happy. The fact that when on the road driving they can take my number but I cant take theirs is extremely annoying, especially when they are not terribly sensible on narrow country roads. Rant over! So glad for the bit of rain though as it keeps giving the garden a bit of a boost.


Penny said...

Ahhh we have the same trouble here -- but it really isn't the bikers fault. We have a lot of 'mountain' bikers (and they don't have bells and whistles) but there are no bike lanes and our roads are curvy, hilly and two lanes which means there's very little to do but wait until they pull over to get around them. Most of them seem quite polite so I can't get angry with them -- but I sure can get angry with the county.

Barry said...

Hi P - you must never get tired of your walk - nature just shows a different postcard perspective each day. Go well. B