Tuesday, April 26, 2016

This morning on the beach

I had hoped to retrieve the photos John took yesterday morning at the dawn service, he had to lay a wreath for the local member of parliament, I tend to stay in bed, but we cant find what his phone did with them, so.. A few photos on the beach this morning, loved the bucket and spades, one very small very chatty little boy with his grandmother, but I on.y took the equipment not him. A lovely warm morning. I havent been feeling at all well, I think a reaction to having 2 different bits of me cut out ( one on my leg and one on my ear) and a thingummy burnt off my nose, I have been feeling quite 'off' so not a lot has got done. I seem to have slept and read and not even walked a lot, although I did manage to give friends lunch on Sunday, then fell in a heap again. Hate it when that happens, no obvious symptoms just not quite right. Feeling marginally better today. Now we need some rain, and lots of it.


Penny said...

Lots of beach showing here. I hope you feel much better today and are back to 'yourself' soon!

Suztats said...

Glad you're feeling better today, Penny. Wanna trade your beach for my snow? lol