Thursday, April 28, 2016

Morning walks

We went to two different areas this morning, mostly because the usual one near kent Reserve was not an easy walk as the tide was higher and there were banks of sea weed making walking difficult, the sea and the sky was quite incredible very flat and washed out looking with streaked clouds. There was a young Pacific Gull trying to eat a dead fish but I was a bit late catching him. We then went around to the road below the Bluff and walked there, easier to walk in some ways. The same really odd sea and sky. The last photo is of the road and part of the Bluff. It has been quite warm and very still after the winds yesterday. There was a lot of blown dust yesterday, picked up from the very bare earth left after the Pinery bushfire and this may have had something to do with the slightly eerie atmosphere. Loved the clouds. Still not getting far with my knitting, and really not settling to much except reading as I still feel a bit flat. Must get my act together.

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Suztats said...

The photos look a little eerie, too, or maybe it's just the lighting. Looks like quite a walk along the road. Good to be up and about, and hope you're feeling much better.