Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Very windy

It blew hard all night and for half the day. Leaves down all over the place and we stepped onto the beach, took a photo and raced back to the car with sand blowing every where, not that you can see it here. I am a little afraid we may have acquired another cat. This black and white one has been around the house lately and eating anything that Max leaves over. Oh dear.Obviously knows people as it stands at the door and meows and I can sort of pat it. Bet its an undesexed male. we are the right distance for people to either dump them, or in this case possibly the people who rented over the road didnt take it with them. I had stitches out of my ear today, a flu shot and was told that it was a cancer that they took off my leg, early and shouldnt be a problem. Those stitches come out next week.Oh well.

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Penny said...

We've had soooo much wind this spring. As the days get longer and it gets warmer the breezes seem to be going away. I'm not a big fan of wind - especially if I'm walking but I know that in the middle of a hot humid summer I'll want to have some breezes.