Sunday, April 10, 2016

Walking near Petrels Cove this morning

I am having problems with my replaced knee and am finding my walking rather painful and difficult. This morning I thought that the path along the cliffs near Petrels Cove would be easier to manage, not completely but I did manage most of it. The waves were thundering in and the clouds once more have been spectacular. I am a bit fed up with this as after all the replacement was supposed to fix things. I made biscuits today, general house work and washing and am trying to get the knitted top I made sewn up. Not sure what it will look like when on me but it will be warm. Basically it is an oblong with an opening for my head ans arms, and is multicoloured as I was trying to use up wool scraps. Not terribly successfully as there is still a lot left.

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Barry said...

P - sorry to hear the replacement knee still troubles you - but what beauty to add a little distraction from the pain. Peace. B