Friday, March 25, 2016

Rapid Bay

This morning I wanted to go over to look at the Mix it Up show at Yankalilla, I usually exhibit here but I only had one thing entered , and that a left over from another show. a really good exhibition of art and crafts. We talked about a walk but things are not working terribly well in the joint department at the moment and I am trying some new pain killers so John suggested we did a bit of a tour and went to Rapid Bay to look at the new jetty that has been built and see the old one. Interesting as I havent been there for years, the caravan park was full, being Easter Friday, and there were people every where. I found the rusted remains of the old jetty quite interesting, we had dived there years ago, now the place was full of divers in very high tech gear, when I think of what we dived in and with it makes me laugh, a pair of long johns and a cotton top, home made lead weights and a very primitive porpoise tank. Times have changed and so have we, but I do think we had the best of it. Freezing but pristine waters and no one else diving in those days. Any way it was a lovely couple of hours and all not far from home.IN our early days Rapid Bay was a mining town, so the beach unlike most of our lovely beaches is mostly pebbles. They mined dolomite and shipped it out hence the old jetty. I remember going in the dead of a very stormy night to rescue a friend from a yacht who was terribly sea sick on a trip to Kangaroo Island. I am not sure that would be possible with the new jetty as it seems to be purely recreational. What fun we had.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Your environment is so dramatic, Penny. such a pleasure to see!!

Penny said...

As we get older my husband and I often say 'we got the best of it'. I wonder if each generation says that as they got older. I'm sure my father did since he lived in good times after the WW II. But will this generation look back and say they had the best of it? I wonder.

Barry said...

P - love that first photo. B