Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A bit of this and that

I am still slowly working on the second art doll, taller and a bit harder to work on. we walked this morning, last photo along the cliffs near Petrels, yesterday the waves were huge on the beach and being very loud as they broke on the outer reef, today was quite different, and quite cold, a southerly wind and not as many clothes on as I would have liked. we came home the back way, along Tugwell road, one of my favorite ways to come home, dirt track and trees close to the road. Magic. It has tried to rain a bit today, overcast and a bit threatening but nothing really happening. I am trying to work out if I have everything for the class in Ballarat after Easter, slowly getting there. John found some quinces on the tree he thought the birds had eaten them all but no, there were more than he thought so we will be having quinces and yoghurt for breakfast for the next few days. I made rock buns as he was out of biscuits, a change from walnut biscuits.So relatively busty and enjoying it although George got into my work room and I had a hard job evicting him. He has got very heavy. He loves it in there, another cat (in the mirror!) and things he can throw around. We brought in 2 cattleya orchids as they are about to flower and he has had a lovely time pulling out bits of bark from the potws and either hiding them under rugs or throwing them around in the air. Wicked cat.

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