Monday, March 07, 2016

More beach walks

As you can see it was overcast and grey, but warm and muggy. Biggish swells were coming in onto the reef and making the waves ripple as around this young gull who didnt seem to want to fly away. There is always a shag on the short black post but my little camera makes it difficult for me to get him in close up. as you can see the sky was interesting. We had a thunderstorm last night and another 10mm of rain, good as it re fills the tanks but some did come down rather fast and the pin oak leaves which are falling keep blocking up the downpipe into the tank by the house and water over flows the gutters. At least the window was shut this time so no water actually in the house. I am playing with wire for a skirt for an art doll, trouble is my fingers dont much like the wire. time will tell if I finish it,

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Penny said...

Hmmmm -- looks like a winter morning and yet it isn't winter yet. So glad you got rain.